It’s a bumpy road (so find your zen)

As I plan to share this blog, I keep thinking about the freedom that anonymity is giving me. And yes that will change. But also the reason I want to be out and proud is mostly to help remove the stigma that surrounds people who talk about a drinking problem. It’s there – and it’s HUGE. People who love you don’t really like talking about it. They don’t really want you to share a blog about it. They might not like you talking about your past problem on social media. Continue reading

I did it! (Christmas alcohol free)

Christmas Day was 3 days ago! And I have sailed through that and the whole shebang that is Christmas without drinking a drop. True, it’s not over till Jan 6th officially, but I’m confident.

It was more tiring than I expected. You tend to think ALL tiredness is due to boozing, being hungover, partying then eating crap food. But actually sometimes it’s due to other stuff, like taking too much on. I think I possibly did that – we hosted a big party and also hosted Christmas Dinner. Continue reading

Ask me anything (but for God’s sake don’t be all weird)

If only quitting drinking was received in the same way as quitting smoking. I’d post on Facebook and get loads of comments saying “well done!”, “go you!”, “good riddance!”. But instead I am encouraged by loved ones (well meaning, always) to keep the not drinking under my hat, to not mention it. For God’s sake don’t make another bloody video or a blog post about it, because “when you fail” (words actually said by someone I really like and who is lovely but just missed the target a bit with that gem!!) it puts added pressure onto you. Continue reading

I don’t drink (Merry Christmas!)

First post. Well, first of this version of Sober Mum. See, I started this blog March 2016. I wrote a bunch of stuff then deleted it all. Why? Because I started drinking again; it must have been why. Not that I can honestly remember. But when you (or if you) go back to drinking after a period of abstinence, the last thing you need to see is reminders of being sober. Because you, at that point, are trying to be ‘normal’. Forget about the problem drinking thing. Try to drink ‘normally’, to control it, to not let it affect your life negatively. That’s what we are all aiming for, right? To be ‘good’ drinkers? Continue reading