About Sober Mum

Hi! I’m Rachel Brady, 38 year old wife and stay at home mum of two kids. I live on a farm that we are renovating in the UK. I blog about all things NOT to do with NOT getting pissed anymore over at http://www.mrsrachelbrady.co.uk (mainly family stuff and food).

Last year (2017) I quit drinking and I feel really, really great about it.

BUT… I am so scared that I will become complacent (it happened before a few times) and that I will forget everything I did this for, or fail to appreciate how far I have come, and all the things I love about my life alcohol free – because life AF IS something to be loved (really, it’s incredible!) you know… that’s why I want to write it all down.

I would love it if my posts help someone else realise that if I can do it, seriously, they can too. I’d love it if you hung around and read a few posts. DO comment and let me know why you’re here.

Also, say hi if you like: rachel@sobermum.co.uk